Our Team

Linda Limb


Creative Guru.
Business Visionary.
Might Possibly Be The Best Graphic Designer Ever.

The passionate and creative founder and partner of LIMB Design, Linda Limb doesn’t tout the famous Sinatra tune “My Way”, as the soundtrack of her life for nothing.  Rules were made to be broken and starting a woman-driven business over 30 years ago was one of them.  That kind of vision might explain the 90+ pairs of glasses that one may find rotating throughout her desk draws.  (Don’t ask.)

Linda’s breadth of knowledge for graphic design has helped to propel LIMB to the forefront as a business partner that is known for doing great work.  The brand message, “Obsessive Compulsive Design”, backs up the compelling argument as to why clients trust LIMB, why clients come to LIMB and why clients pick LIMB over and over again.  Her creative vision far exceeds client’s expectations.  Every time.  LIMB Design is not for everybody.  But the ones that do choose LIMB never regret their decision.

Giving back is her ultimate goal, as a wealth of graphic design knowledge and information must be passed down to the next generation.  And her firm is doing just that, as she leads a diverse team of creatives.

Linda’s motto: “I would do a lot of things differently…as long as I got the same outcome.” Gold.  We don’t think she should change a thing.

Biddie Webb


Thought Leader.
Organization Influencer.
Always Closing Deals In Her Heels.

The petite dynamo of LIMB Design, Partner Biddie Webb knows a thing or two about style, fashion and business. Whether managing the internal daily operations of the diverse LIMB Design team, helping clients through the ideation stage of their design needs to create working solutions or speaking as a subject matter expert on a panel representing the LIMB Design brand, Biddie does it all.

Organization, structure and balance are the keys to her success as a Partner in growing a robust and thriving design firm. Her reserved yet competitive style keeps clients happy, projects under control and teams engaged. Just remember: don’t miss the deadlines.

Stealing away for a daily lunch (French fries optional!) or a cup of English loose-leaf tea, (just add cream and sugar), is definitely Biddies’ style. Spending time with her family in North Carolina or with her 2 English Bulldogs and Belgian Mal, Biddie appreciates the diversity of life, which she views every day from LIMB Design’s historic office windows.

Elise DeSilva


Relationship Builder.
Rule Breaker.
Your Favorite Girlfriend In Your Head.

For over 18 years, Elise DeSilva has worn many hats as a Partner at LIMB Design.  Much like one of her fashion idols, Annie Hall, her creative and friendly design style helps clients both large and small, see the big picture.  And then make it bigger.  What Elise does best is connect the dots for her clients.  Thinking several steps ahead at all times, she believes that the best client partnerships are collaborative ones.

Her easy-going style combined with razor sharp industry knowledge provides the one/two knockout that keeps a diverse portfolio of client work at the forefront of her day.  And her work always ends in excellence.

In another life, Elise may have a been a geneticist or a spin instructor, but now you might find her emailing all of her clients from her favorite travel spot on the islands of St. Maarten.  Traveling with her family, 2 children and 2 dogs, while enjoying a bowl of island shrimp pasta is a work/life balance for Elise.  And possibly breaking a few rules here and there also.  (But we won’t tell anybody which ones!)

Trae Morcomb


Project Master.
Problem Solver.
A Modern Day Renaissance Man.

Trae Morcomb has a unique analytical and strategic communication style.  This style has served him and the diverse portfolio of clients that he manages well over the past 5 years as a Partner at LIMB Design.  Soft-spoken, adaptive yet always on the move, Trae believes in balance at work, at home and in life.  All while listening to vintage vibes from the Smashing Pumpkins.

Maintaining a streamlined and effective line of communication with clients while keeping all the bits and pieces of the LIMB Design engine running is another balancing act that Trae has somehow mastered.  Organization?  Check that box.  All the way around.

A detailed problem-solver with a high tolerance for spicy Vindaloo curries and innumerable cups of coffee, Trae lives in the Houston Heights with his lovely wife Megan and enjoys a love/hate relationship with their two cats.  He leads a robust portfolio of work and an amazing team that he engages with on a daily basis.  Just don’t ever look in his desk drawer.  Or ask him about those Cheese Roasted Edamame Beans.