To put things simply, we don’t operate like most large creative agencies with requests forms and change orders that create inefficiency, dilute the creative process, and add to overall costs. We don’t think you need a lot of paperwork and bodies to produce incredible work. And to some, that makes us a bit unconventional.

But at Limb, it’s our convention. Why? Because we like to:

  • Tailor our workflow in ways that best meet your needs – not ours.
  • Provide our clients with access to firm partners directly to discuss strategy and brainstorm creative.
  • Move fast – and we mean really fast – which is virtually impossible at firms full of layers and forms.
  • Build relationships with our clients that are both personal and professional. We want to understand what’s important to your company, what makes you tick as a professional, and what characteristics define you as a person. And we think that requires more than a form.
  • Be fluid in the resources we devote to our clients because we know that plans change – sometimes constantly.
  • Build experiences – not just another print brochure or a digital ad. We want people to respond to our creative strategies, understand aesthetic journeys, and appreciate artistic talents, and we believe our unconventional approach to account management helps us achieve that.


We always start with a huddle. We mind-meld with our clients until we’re fully fused and then we set off with the intention of finding all of the most relevant research available. We’re here to help you achieve the most well-thought out plan of action for your brand.


Brand Management, Naming, Creative Direction, Focus Groups, Trend Research, Cultural Sampling, Data Analysis


We’re constantly breaking out of boxes and creating design in all mediums. We know when to keep it clean and quiet and we know when a design needs us to travel into uncharted creative territory – but always in good taste. We don’t just design print and digital. We design experiences.


Brand Identity, Illustration, Environmental Design, Event Branding, Visual Systems Creation, Packaging, Publications, Digital marketing


Our world revolves around technology. We at Limb understand the importance of using emerging technology to create user-friendly interactive designs for our clients. Our developers are comfortable with a variety of platforms and are able to create, code, design, and mobilize sites and applications for a number of industries.


Website Design, User Interface Design, User Experience Design, Social Campaigns, eCommerce / Retail, Content Development, Digital Installations, Web Apps / Products, Mobile Design