Cover FX

Taking a Beauty Brand
to a Global Stage.

From Canada to the World

CoverFX had established itself as a strong brand rooted in Canada and a leading beauty product that offered healthy coverage for every skin tone. But when the company decided the time had come to go global and compete head to head with some of the world’s top names, it came to Limb Design.

A dual strategy: Reinforce the brand and reposition it for global growth

Our challenge was to both reinforce and build upon the CoverFX brand with a strategy that positioned it for growth beyond Canada and supported its marketing, social media, and public relations programs. The goal was to transition the company as a mid- to high-end product line that would capture the attention of fashion and beauty publications and establish it as a go-to product for top makeup influencers and artists.

We helped CoverFX with a rebranding strategy that kicked off in 2013. Since then, we have worked with its internal team to develop creative campaigns for a diverse range of media, everything from email blasts to trade show booths to merchandizing displays. Not only that, but our strategic action plan also included designing buzz-worthy marketing pitches to media and in-store training and education materials.

Higher visibility – and high ratings

Since the rebrand, CoverFX has seen its visibility rise, earning high ratings from trade publications, websites, and consumers. What’s more, we remain in constant, daily contact with the company’s team of marketers, social media managers, photographers, and merchandisers to ensure that consistent, creative message is delivered to the right audiences, in the right way, through the right media.